Cheers to a Start!

So I go!

To restart blogging has been an agenda on my mind since the past few months. The last time I blogged was around seven years back and thus, it had a kiddish appeal. The concept of a blog was also not so popular then. Now that I am much older, I regret having quit it.

A chance meeting with Mrs. Sudha and Mr. Narayana Murthy at the Chennai Airport yesterday finally gave me the required push to write the first post (I had created the profile weeks back!). I had read some of Sudha Murthy’s books recently and their fresh appeal awakened my old fantasy of writing a book! I have been enamoured by the idea since long and not to forget, there were several childhood attempts to write a “Magical Stories” or “Adventure Stories” series (:D), inspired by none other than the darling kids’ author, Enid Blyton. Some of my friends might also remember the plan to jointly write a novel in school.

One should keep dreaming and this a small positive step towards it. Blogging may help me figure out some theme to write on.

As I realise, there were so many wonderful things that I did as a child but unfortunately, lost track of them while growing up! I just read this blog post “I Like My Bike” ( It made me reach out to those wonderful childhood days of plentiful dreaming! So here I want to start again, go back into that lovely carefree phase…

12 thoughts on “Cheers to a Start!

  1. Hey Sayali do you remember that in 9th Std there was this Story Writing Comp for some school in Lucknow where a story in about 2000 words was to be submitted. We two were the only ones in our class who had actually written & submitted our stories. Like you even I’m passionate about writing a book. I also have some themes in mind but I’m still into the research bit as my chosen themes are a bit controversial. Even I’m keeping a positive approach regarding this because at the end of the day even if I don’t have a book, I at least want my ideas to reach the masses even though if it has to be through a blog.


  2. Aah yes! Seems like I am not the only passionate writer in the block.
    Writing a book is an awesome experience. I have already started writing mine and I am discovering so many things about myself as I pen (type?) down my thoughts. There is that adrenaline rush every time I start to write (type?).
    It’s good that you have decided to resume blogging. I will look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Will watch this space closely.


  3. Hey Sayali..!Yes,finally a start and I am sure that you ll keep on posting just as creatively and passionately as you used to do on yahoo associated content ;-), simple, sweet, fresh and apt , looking forward to other posts soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ :-):-) Keep enjoying as you write. ๐Ÿ™‚



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