Something from Chetan Bhagat

I just read a speech by Chetan Bhagat that he gave at the orientation of Symbiosis College, Pune. I specially liked two points that he made.

First, he said that to keep the spark in us alive, life should be balanced. Only goal seeking cannot always make us happy. It should be a mix of progressive goals, relationships and peace of mind. The feeling of stability clears most of the small hurdles in life.

Second, anything shouldn’t be taken very seriously in life but everything should be approached with SINCERITY. Taken too seriously, the frustration factor comes along. Also, we are not programmed individuals. So we should experiment, have fun, be spontaneous and not force ourselves to a boring monotonous life.

This specific point, I could also particularly relate to the way we study and the reason we tend to find it so dull sometimes. We try to set time limits and targets and to meet up to them, we try to just cram. In this, we overlook many things which we could have tried to understand in a better way had we had some more time for it. If we give ourselves some time to enjoy actually learning it, give it the desired level of patience, we might enjoy too. So, though, time management is equally important, sometimes we should relax on that and just let ourselves get in the comfort zone of learning.

There is another point which he did not mention in his talk but I realised from the examples he quoted. Well, as a matter of fact, I am not a fan of Chetan Bhagat’s books at all but after reading this speech, I started to have a regard for him as a person. He didn’t have a hitch while accepting himself that his writing is not appreciated by the literary circles as much as the general readers. True, he has become popular because of his writings, though not up to the literary standards, for which many people criticise him and I myself did. But I realised that he knows it and accepts it. However, that does not downplay his self-confidence and the enthusiasm. Had he been bogged down and stopped making an effort in the beginning, he would have never become popular in the first place. So to accept our negatives before others, even after achieving success, requires courage. Mostly, we try to cover them up. But accepting gracefully and still being optimistic is humility.

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