The Charismatic Soul

I just came across a poem I had written two years back. Thanks to all the people who inspired me with the subject.

Bliss and delight all around,

The frosty days we no more count.

Sunshine shadows the wintry hues,

No time to sulk and fume,

Exasperation seeks its end,

The lovely soul truly a godsend.

Woes all we forget together,

Merriness, happiness

Cloud the ether.

The magic of a smile,

The music of words,

The grace of a touch,

And then the bud blossoms.

The warmth of the eyes,

The sympathy of a heart,

The gestures of the mind,

And then the flower lets out its fragrance.

Though chill escorts the new season,

Life is still a thing of beauty.

The autumn leaves have paved their way

Only to welcome this blessed spirit,

Who through the darkness of the winter,

But with the sparkle of the dew

Has disembarked here

To emanate radiance

To fall in love

All over again…


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