Real Wars & Currency Wars

Take a quick check in Google Images. If you type “India”, you see happy looking faces, decorated elephants, temples, celebrations, women decked up in vibrant ethnic attires, progressive professionals and other such beautiful imagery symbolic to India.

Check “Syria” and contrastingly, all ghastly images come up.

This, I am referring to the initial few entries termed to be the best results.

I was quite surprised. There could have been depressing images even in the India search. I remembered the scene from Munnabhai MBBS where the Japanese fellow remarks, “I want to see real India, poor India”. This is how India is usually pictured. Think of the Slumdog Millionaire.

But as a matter of fact, we are much better off than a lot of foreign civilians whose miseries probably are unknown to a large extent by a majority of us. True, we experience being swamped in our own plethora of seemingly unending issues; governance, expenditure, poverty, etc. But reading news about Syria and the like makes me feel quite different about our status. The rupee-dollar swings, innovative “bills” and the power play sometimes get us far too disillusioned; too negative and devoid of hope. At least, we have a few solid fundamentals to cling on to at all times: democracy, identity.

It is one of those fortunate moments when I feel that probably the things could have been even worse. I am so glad I can peacefully sit and write this.


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