Garbage Galore – Gagged Dog in Waste!

On a fresh morning, this appalling scene greeted us right before our gate. The poor creature’s limbs were also tied up.

Poor creature
Poor creature. Could’t go close enough for zoomed view!

Not that the picture is beautiful everyday, but this one crossed the limits. We have been facing the garbage menace in front of our house for years. Made complaints and tried few ideas but all in vain. The offenders often belong to educated, well-off families living in the residential area. Earlier, there used to be a huge bin that was put up by the municipal corporation. But it either overflowed or people didn’t care enough to throw waste inside. Now, it has been shifted to another location, worsening the problem. The sanitary workers sincerely clean the area every morning only to end up with heaps full of waste the next day.

Holy Cows?
Holy Cows?

Garbage that is strewn on the road includes food, plastics, clothes, liquor bottles and now, even dead animals. Also, I forgot to mention the problem of public urination. Whenever we or other immediate residents get to watch live action, we make it a point to raise our voice. But that is an impractical solution. Sometimes, it is hilarious too. Once, a respected, elderly man, while peeing, remarked hamare umar ke ho jaoge na, tab samjhoge [you’ll understand (the urge) when you age like us]!! 😀  There was just nothing to counter this. Some feel sacred by feeding holy cows with rotten food in banned polythene bags. Others are the aggressive kind who claim that there is no written rule. Just as creatively dumb school kids get with excuses, so do adults, who want to get away by offering absolutely foolish explanations for irresponsible civic behaviour.

We are extremely sentimental when the image of India is “portrayed” negatively by the likes of Slumdog Millionaire and India’s Daughter. Isn’t it hypocrisy? Should the “image” be glorious only on screen? How about watching our own actions forming the portrait?

(PS. Finally, a solution has been worked out for the garbage issue about which I will write up next. But please do post any creative ideas to tackle this problem)

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