NMC’s Solution To Garbage Problem – A Contribution to GDP!

IMG_20150205_120748_Fotor(Read this as a sequel to my earlier post – http://wp.me/p1I0e1-aG. And fyi, NMC=Nagpur Municipal Corporation)

It is quite amusing! They created a new job opportunity. A worker has been appointed only to shoo away people and fine them OFFICIALLY, if caught throwing waste. He just sits on the road through 8 am-4 pm. His area of management covers a radius of just about 10-15 metres. Well, we did hear of guards in general; here is a guard for the streets and trash! But a disclaimer – the urination problem in the same area is not under his jurisdiction!! He can only penalise for improper garbage disposal under Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan. Anyway, it is funny how we need either people or God (or rather the images/idols, because even cleanliness is godliness otherwise!) to control our behaviour; sans them we are unruly creatures!

By the way, this person employed earns not less than Rs.20,000 per month! Isn’t this a unique job prospect? Indeed, consumerism drives the economy – can’t be more apparent. Buy more, dispose more and generate more employment!

3 thoughts on “NMC’s Solution To Garbage Problem – A Contribution to GDP!

  1. Here’s an idea:
    Get a big square tarpoline sheet and poke four big holes in the corners. Put a rope through it. Now spread the tarpoline where people usually throw their garbage.

    Once you have done that, take a small pile of garbage and put it right on the centre of the sheet.

    People tend to throw garbage mostly where they see an already accumulated pile. All you need to do is channeling that habit into a controllable environment. When people will see the tiny pile of garbage on the tarpoline, they will start throwing stuff on it automatically, without much thought. Once the tarpoline sheet is covered enough, the NMC officials can just tighten the ropes and have a tidy little bag with the garbage inside.


    1. Hi Meghnad! Thanks! Actually, the problem is not in cleaning of the garbage because NMC workers are doing a great job every morning keeping the place spic and span. Problem is with the heap that accumulates throughout the day and stays till the next day. It is hazardous for health. Also, urination issue 😦


  2. Just two days ago I saw a photo of goddess Laxmi installed at a corner nearby which was till recently an informal garbage dump by the local residents.
    It was also accompanied by a largish stone with some colours applied to it.
    That corner is clean now. These are local attempts. Who will wait for NMC?
    I thought of sharing this here.



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