First post from the US

This has been long due. I know I should catch up on writing more often than this.

I came to the US in August 2015 for graduate studies in Human Resources and Labor Relations at Michigan State University. So far, every single day has been nothing short of exciting.

In this short post, I want to mention three things that really impressed me as soon as I set my foot here.

  1. The “Insinkerator”- I drool over this one. Can’t stop admiring its utility. Basically, it is a built-in food disposer in the kitchen sink. You just push down the bio-waste and the disposer grinds everything. Almost every American kitchen will have this. This seems to be the invention of the millennium to people such as me who have been so often frustrated by the terrible garbage dumping in India. For those interested in knowing more, check this out:
  2. My university generates its own electricity. How amazing is that!
  3. Real time bus updates – Just email/text the bus stop number and you instantly get the bus schedules for next one or two hours. Also, many of the bus drivers are ladies!cata bus stand

I am excited to share my US stories! More to come up in future posts 🙂


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