A Californian summer…

California was always a dream for me growing up. I have no words to express my gratitude for the incredible opportunity that came my way. I got to intern with The Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles this summer and believe me, I feel blessed each and every single moment, no exaggeration!

Every day as I drive to and fro work, I am humbled by the picture perfect Southern California. This place has the best of everything – mountains and beaches, suburbs and metropolitan areas, culture and modernity. Waiting in the heavy traffic, admiring the beauty with country music in background has become a routine.

There is inspiration everywhere and no wonder that globally acclaimed movies and creative content are born here. The energy and vibrance are infectious. The free-spirited atmosphere is supremely liberating and so is the diversity in people. It is a place where mind has limitless horizons.

I also love this place for the way it pushes me. I feel a hunger to explore – at work and beyond. Even after a tiring day, I feel excited to let go of Google Maps and wander aimlessly hoping to be surprised by something I have never seen before. LA is also where I started driving independently in the US. It was extremely frightening to begin with. Not only was it driving in a new country but also in an uncharted territory, just a week after moving. LA is the second largest city in the US and has some of the worst traffic too. New driving rules, opposite road orientation and speed limits not much exposed to (60-80 mph/100-120 kmph on a daily basis) added to the nervousness. But now after three months, driving has become a newfound passion. I reached personal driving records (in terms of distance, not speed :P). My rental car has given me some of the best times here.

With just a few weeks left to go, I feel so attached to this place. I’m fighting time to grab all I can in a perfect setting with the ultimate workplace, stimulating work, lovely people and a dream location. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. One doesn’t encounter such experiences very often. And the realization keeps me motivated and excited despite the groggy early mornings, hectic weekdays or the challenges that life brings on.

Being in LA really feels like being in a movie. Can’t seem to have enough of this place even in three months.

Love you LA! Thanks for the memories and learnings of a lifetime!




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