On Thanksgiving..remembering my mentors

I like the concept of Thanksgiving holiday that is celebrated in US. From my life experiences so far, I have feel that being grateful brings a lot of optimism.

This Thanksgiving, in addition to being thankful to my close family and friends, I feel particularly grateful to my amazing mentors who shared their valuable learnings to guide me at each step in my career journey. This year marked the beginning of my first full-time paid job, a major milestone in my life…one that also marked the beginning of my independent life. I am certainly grateful to start it with an organization whose mission and values I truly believe in. I am very happy that my workplace stimulates a “growth mindset” everyday. I am thankful to my mentors who helped me find this right fit for myself.

Although each of my mentors has their specific areas of expertise, the consistent message they shared with me was the importance of living a balanced and happy life in order to enjoy professional success. I truly admire my mentors because they not only honed my professional skills but also made me reflect on my larger life goals while planning my career, to not lose sight of the bigger picture. Whether be it at work or otherwise, they adviced me to make choices that I personally find meaningful and fulfilling even if it meant being a nonconformist. I have come to value this ideology tremendously. My mentors made me believe in myself and my judgment.

To all of these lovely mentors, I want to say a big thank you – my life would not be the same without your guidance!







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