Making sense

While making sense of the world
Several thoughts flutter my mind
I cannot find enough words to describe them.
Are my senses numb
Or is it simply too hard to express?
Finding answers to some questions is tough, endless even
That is perhaps the journey of life.
Often, I find myself changing the questions themselves.
On the way to finding answers.
What is it that matters most in life?
What do I prioritize?
Do I set goals or go with the flow?
They say you cannot control everything in life
How far do you plan then?
How far do you pursue glory?
How far do you stretch your values?
Or do you stick to originality?
The more you learn about the world
The more you realize the insignificance of everything
In the big picture.
Why then do humans relentlessly chase
The things that they do?
What is it that truly matters?
To find that
Will you tread on the path of rationalism
Or become a believer?
How will you measure success
Or do you even need to?
Do we simply need to stay occupied?
Do we need more development in the world?
Or do we need more equality?
In the discovery of these,
Every guidance is a paradox.
And everyone will tell you
That you will find your own answers
Because nobody really knows
And is on their own quest to answer
What is a life well-lived?


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