Hello readers,

Our identities are always evolving so I thought it’s time that my blog gets a bit of revamp too. After all, this blog has been around for almost a decade now. Actually, it has been EXACTLY one decade today!! Looking back at my first post – I see that it was posted on September 1, 2011. While the date in US (where I am writing this post) is one day shy of a decade (i.e. August 31, 2021), it is already September 1, 2021 in India at this time 😀 And I did write the original post in India!

Wow, ten years! I am still processing. When I tinkered with the site today, I did not realize it is a ten year anniversary! It is while writing this very post that it struck me! Seems such an interesting coincidence – maybe that is some indication. Surprised to see that my interest in writing has stuck around. Surprised that ten years have passed even though some of the posts feel like I wrote them just yesterday. Time sure flies and I am growing fast 🙂 😦

Anyway, I am rebranding this blog, to freshen up things a bit, to experiment. I modified the domain name and site identity today. The site is now called Explore. Learn. Live. Narratives of a curious somebody.

If you have been following my blog, is there any other feedback/ideas you would like to share? Would love to get more perspectives!

Cheers and thanks for reading!

WriterInMe 🙂


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