Climate Change

This has been on my mind lately. I live in the Washington state and we recently went through a heat wave in the pacific northwest region. I come from India and high temperatures are not new to me. I have lived in places where temperatures were routinely in the 40s (C) or 100s (F). But… Read More Climate Change

How my understanding of communication skills evolved

When you think of self-improvement, communication skills are often on the list. It is said that good communication skills are vital to success in life. Flourishing workshops, articles and self-help books stress the importance of good body language, pacing, volume, enunciation, elevator speeches, storytelling, presentations, networking and so on. Just like most people, I too… Read More How my understanding of communication skills evolved

On vulnerability

As we grow older, we pick several social cues that teach us vulnerability is a weakness. From my experiences, more competitive the enviroment, stronger is the message. Generally, vulnerability is seen as less resilience. Learning more about psychology and human behavior over last few years and working in HR now, I have started seeing vulnerability… Read More On vulnerability